Brotox 101: Why Men Are Getting Wrinkle Treatments?

Plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures were once reserved for older female patients and the wealthy–not anymore.


Plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures were once reserved for older female patients and the wealthy.

However, there are now a variety of affordable, non-invasive treatments for patients of all ages, genders, and financial backgrounds.

Therefore, it isn’t surprising that more men are interested in improving their looks and usually choose Botox an introductory aesthetic treatment. In fact, Botox has become so popular among male patients that it even has its own nickname, “Brotox.”

What is Botox?

Botox is the brand name for Botulinum toxin type A. It is known as a neuromodulator because it blocks nerve signals to the muscles and prevents them from contracting.

This muscle immobility smooths existing wrinkles and prevents new lines from forming on the forehead, corners of the eyes, and in between the eyes.

The two deep wrinkles between the eyes are relaxed by paralyzing the glabellar muscle.

Men most commonly request treatment of this area to minimize signs of aging and reduce frown lines.

Reasons Why Men Are Seeking Cosmetic Treatments Like Botox

Men are more aware than ever that their appearance matters, especially when it comes to social media, professional advancement, and dating.

Use of Botox can give them a competitive advantage in all three of these areas.

Additionally, Botox is an appealing treatment option for men because it is non-invasive, has minimal risks, and zero downtime.

Male patients like the idea of a procedure that takes less than 30 minutes and provides 3-4 months of looking and feeling better.

What Men Need to Know Before Having Botox

Botox should only be performed by a licensed physician or other highly trained medical professional. Male patients that are new to the aesthetic industry must avoid unskilled providers at spas, nail salons, and Botox parties.

It is also important to find an injector that has experience with men’s Botox. The amount of product and its placement differs from that of female patients.

Because men often have greater muscle mass than women, they usually require more Botox injected into each area. Therefore, they should not be surprised that male Botox treatments usually cost more, and prices range from $250-$500 per area.

If you are interested in trying Botox or other cosmetic treatments, speak with your local cosmetic medical professional. 

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