Can Pandas Land Bradley Beal a Spot in the 2018 All-Star Game?

Bradley Beal has recruited pandas to help him land a spot in the 2018 NBA All-Star game.

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The 2018 NBA popularity contest is in full swing. Not familiar? It’s also called the All-Star game.

Need proof?

Bradley Beal, the Washington Wizards stud who ranks third among all Eastern Conference guards with a 23.4 scoring average, has received 71,079 fan votes and ranks ninth on the all-star ladder for this year’s game. 

Beal even ranks behind Cleveland’s Isaiah Thomas, yes the same Thomas who has played just 19 minutes all season.

Beal has been dynamite this year, but as he says, fans just vote for their favorite players regardless of the type of season they’re having. 

Boston’s Kyrie Irving, who has more than 802,000, is light years ahead of Beal in the voting process.

So how is Beal going to catch up? Enter the pandas.

“They wanted to really incorporate me pushing my all-star votes or whatever but I’m not really big on that,” said Beal about the promo that plays off his nickname (per The Washington Post).

It’s not quite clear what kind of social media influence that the panda squad has, but at this point, Beal might as well recruit the whole zoo.

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