Pornhub 2018 Year in Review: Events, Holidays & Sports

Pornhub 2018

Pornhub is back with their ridiculously long and in-depth statistical breakdown of all things related to Pornhub trends and traffic.

Pornhub goes deep–balls deep if you will–to give folks the skinny on every search trend including the effects of events, holidays and sports.


Events Causing Traffic Changes

Live Sporting Event Traffic

Holidays Causing Traffic Changes

Halloween causes a -4% traffic drop on October 31st, but hits a low at 7pm with an average drop of -21% across the United States. See our full Halloween 2018 Insights to learn more. New Years Eve causes the biggest traffic drop in the United States by -38%, followed by a -34% drop on Christmas Eve and -17% on Christmas Day.

In 2018 Valentines Day caused an overall traffic increase of +7% in the United States, while our Pornhub Premium service saw a +308% increase due to our annual Free Valentines Day Premium event. See the complete Valentines Day Insights to learn more.

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